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31 Mar

There is little Abbott will not do or say to achieve the Office of Prime Minister. That, and not Australia or or it’s many and diverse people, are his true focus.

The Australian Independent Media Network


There’s nothing new about his foolhardy plan. He’s always made that bold claim, however it has now been celebrated with some pathetic journalism from the stable. Under this glaring headline “Tony Abbott says Indonesia will accept boats turned back” we see these amazing predictions.

Exactly how do you solve a boat?

And what is the true purpose of this article? It certainly says nothing to confrim how Tony Abbott will turn back the boats. It appears just another Labor bashing exercise to me, as the sub-headings would suggest.

Instead of making up this rubbish why doesn’t the media try reporting facts?

Here’s Fact 1:

Tony Abbott’s plan to send back all asylum-seeker boats has drawn…

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30 Mar

Truth Seekers Musings

Turnbull Vs Abbott, the LNP dilemma!

I have to admit that I find it somewhat perplexing that there has been so much talk around, about who should  lead the LNP, and the public preference for Turnbull over Abbott.

I’m sorry, but I just don’t get it, and I’m sick of those from both the left and the right waxing lyrical over Turnbull as the better alternative.

For starters, he practised as a journalist, barrister, company legal counsel, and merchant banker, which are perceived by many as some of the least honourable and most self serving occupations in the country, the only ones lacking on his CV are shonky used car salesman and Insurance executive.

Now I know that Turnbull and Abbott come from opposite ends of the conservative spectrum, and that there is probably little love lost between them, but they do have a lot in common, Like they both believe in…

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28 Mar

Look what they’re doing to TAFE to see how the education system will fare if they get into government.

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Media release today from the Hon Peter Garrett MP (Minister for School Education; Minister for Early Childhood and Youth). Worth repeating.

Christopher Pyne has shown once again that he has no idea about how the school funding system works or what our plans are – and he has no interest in finding out.

His latest claims show a complete lack of understanding about the National Plan for School improvement and follow a succession of ridiculous positions on the important issue of school funding:

  • He dismissed the Gonski Report within 20 minutes of it being released.
  • He said he would repeal any legislation we introduced before he had even seen it.
  • He has consistently said he will keep a broken funding model that will see schools across Australia lose up to $5.4 billion in coming years.
  • He continues to pretend the Opposition would index schools at 6 per cent when he…

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27 Mar

Random Observations of Life

Dear Julie,

You and I have a lot in common, I notice. I am only thirteen months older than you and we both grew up on farms: mine was sheep and cattle. We are both female, something I will look at again later. We are both degree qualified and we both work.

As you know, I used to be a member of the Liberal Party. Recently I was sent a reminder by text message to renew my membership. I replied no, including a link to my published article explaining why I would not be renewing my Liberal Party membership.  I have to say a few more things have popped out of the woodwork about our young Tony since I wrote that. Very sad.

Yesterday a really strange thing happened. I got a phone call on my mobile and a male voice announced he was calling to let me listen…

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27 Mar

Ærchies Archive - Digital Detritus

I have lived in this, my country all of my life.

I have cheered its sporting accomplishments. I have had a heart swollen with pride at its scientific achievements. I have loved it for its artistic triumphs. I applauded its “fair-go” attitude.

Yet now I find myself not liking my fellows.

We have become greedy and intolerant and gullible.

We have the best economy in the world, yet we demand more and feel aggrieved that we do not have it. We have become envious of all with a little more worldly wealth and have forgotten the wealth of our our country gives us for free. Its skies and seas and vistas.

We help create impossible conditions in other countries by invading them and when terrified people flee we refuse to help. We choose, instead to treat them as worse than our own criminals.

We have stopped believing the evidence of…

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27 Mar

The Australian Independent Media Network

Grubby Abbott

The polls suggest that Tony Abbott is close to getting his little grubby hands on the keys to The Lodge. The keys, then, will be in the wrong hands.

In January we posted an article written by John Lord and myself (80/20) titled Never with the argument of why Tony Abbott should not make it to The Lodge. We are committed to keeping him out. Hence, we have decided to re-run that post at regular intervals between now and the election as we attract new readers and hopefully, have our message widely spread.

An Abbott in the Lodge – Never

David Marr’s quarterly essay “Political Animal” gives an engrossing, even gripping insight into the persona of the leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott. I made many observations as I read it and I cannot of course comment on everything. I must say though (given Tony Abbot’s statement that he finds…

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26 Mar

John Lord summarizes well the political scenario when a Country as blokey as Australia is, dares put a woman in charge, as Prime Minister.

The Australian Independent Media Network


In 2010 the Gillard government was elected in accordance with the requirements of the constitution. Julia Gillard successfully negotiated with the independents to form a minority government. In doing so she guaranteed to run a full term. By contrast Tony Abbott could not give the same undertaking. He did however say he would almost certainly sell his arse to get the Job. Ask Tony Windsor. It’s on his phone. From day one of her appointment the Prime Minister has endured one of the most sustained and ferocious political and personal attacks ever directed at a national leader.

Tony Abbott got it right when he said in his usual dismissive style “She won’t lay down and die”. As in a wartime pincer movement she has been attacked on three fronts for almost three years with vitriol that would weaken most men, but she has stood up to it with a display…

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