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Abbott Batting on a Deteriorating Pitch

30 Apr

As always, John Lord strikes a chord and it needs to resonate as widely as possible. I ask people to inform themselves fully, to really question and learn then discern, weigh up and choose the next government based on thoughtful consideration not merely partisanship. When you vote, it should not just be a self-motivated act, it should be a responsible citizen act. Your vote should reflect what you want for the Country, for society as a whole; not for what you want in your own pocket at the expense of others. It’s reasonable to consider your own situation, but not enough to base your vote on that alone. Governments must govern for an entire society and sometimes that can mean not always getting exactly what we want individually. What benefits society, however, always benefits us individually as well.

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cricket three

To use cricketing parlance cracks are beginning to show in the pitch. The pitch that is that Tony Abbott is making to the Australian public. In fact, some of the cracks might indicate a turning wicket. For some time I have been suggesting that, the Prime Ministers policy agenda has been to out policy Abbott by taking the running on all the big agenda items. With the NBN, Gonski and the NDIS she have left him with little chance of making a big score. I cannot see him producing a policy to rival the importance of these. In fact, the current state of play would suggest a possible run out toward the end of the campaign.

The current state of play indicates a subtle but significant shift in how the game is being played. The Prime Minister is on the front foot firmly behind the ball playing a straight bat…

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Tony Abbott’s mugging produces a one-sided affair

29 Apr

I keep asking myself, are we on the Middle to Left side of the political divide kidding ourselves that it’s only those on the the Right side who are bullying, playing the man/woman/minority rather than the policy/issue? Are we perhaps just blind to the Left side’s bad behaviour through partisan bias. Undoubtedly, there is bad behaviour on the Left. I see it in my Twitter feed daily. I’ve lost some followers for pointing out their bullying behaviour, and I’ve chosen not to follow those I see are more rapidly angry in their comments/attitudes especially when they are aimed at a messenger passing on something said, i.e. in a press conference. That’s okay. I’m not interested in the name calling bullying aspects of life to join in. I get heated sometimes, too. I don’t mind humorous satire. I think it’s healthy. And it’s funny. Satire, however, is not in the same league as the couple of examples given in this linked article. Pages and pages unfortunately exist of the many examples those on the Right of politics have used to attack the player not the play and never more so than to the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. The real abuse of the PM is not the comments on her hair, her voice, her clothes: they are bad enough, usually sexist, and say more about the person than the target, as all bullying does. No, the really worrying bullying, and sexism, are the repeated words and calls to violence by so-called ‘leaders, seniors, states’men’ of political society; much of it aided and abetted by the mainstream media and senior ‘reporters’ who are doing very little reporting and much opinion-casting.
We have entered an extremely ugly, and I dare say dangerous, period of politics and it is really up to all of us, all of society, to bring it to an end. We the people elect our representatives. We the people must ensure they represent us, not on a base level, but on a broad encompassing level. We, after all, are all of society. Our elected representatives need to remember they represent all society, not themselves or their own vested interests unless that marries with society’s vested interest.
We the people need to remember that first and foremost to ensure our representatives do and are thus accountable for it.
Please read this article by Michael Taylor. It is spot on the state of play that is Australian political society currently.

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If I were to be asked which side of politics indulged in the practice of ‘playing the man, not the ball’, I’d reply that it’s a one-sided contest. The ‘right’ wins in a canter. By the ‘right’ I refer to not just the members of the Coalition but their supporters and the right-wing media.

I’m assured by many from the right that the left has its fair share of trolls, muggers and attack dogs, but I’m sorry, I can’t find them anywhere. At least not the places I frequent; the media – old and new.

The old media sets a bad example. Or I should say a good example of ‘playing the man (or woman)’. Some recent examples – of many available – come to mind.

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How Sales dropped the ball on Abbott

26 Apr

Some thoughtful responses to this excellent dissection, some rather partisan but that is the colour of politics. I agree, overall, with the article and would rather have seen Sales focus on several points, doggedly analyse them and to have been more forensic. However, I’m of the opinion that she wants to ensure Abbott returns for further interviews, and she is also in the position of having done such a good, Walkley award winning interview last time, of following up in equal style, not an easy task. She’s 1 for 2. Let’s see what happens in her next interview – provided Abbott fronts.

Australians For Honest Politics

By Peter Clarke,

April 25, 2013

Late last year, Leigh Sales interviewed Tony Abbott live on the 730 Report. Sales was sharp and persistent, Abbott poorly prepared and struggling. Sales beat claims of bias and won a coveted Walkley Award for TV interviewing.

Naturally viewers were relishing the prospect of a return bout, and Sales and the program promoted the interview on social media. It now seems that if Abbott agrees to be interviewed on an ABC current affairs program it is a ‘get’. Because of the history and the ongoing tensions between the office of the opposition leader and the ABC, there is an additional expectation from the audience.

Unlike Sales’ interviews with Prime Minister Gillard, there is no history…

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Murdoch Censorship Gives the Lie to ‘Freedom of Speech’ Claims

25 Apr

The Australian Independent Media Network

Dick Smith

Mr Williams, CEO of News Limited in Australia says we do not need to worry about the domination of the Murdoch press because we now have digital media! “Let’s see if it works” said Dick Smith.

Read Dick’s subsequent probing letter to Mr Williams.

Kim Williams AM
CEO and Managing Director
News Limited
2 Holt St, Surry Hills NSW 2010
Via Email

Dear Kim

Murdoch Censorship Gives the Lie to “Freedom of Speech” Claims

I believe your personal campaign against proposed government media reforms is hypocritical as it is your organisation that is largely responsible for this reaction by our politicians.

You claim, “We are in danger of limiting the full reign of freedom of speech which we cherish and keeps our democracy on its toes.” This is, to put it plainly, claptrap. Your organisation constantly limits freedom of speech and even censors paid announcements when it is in your…

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The Culture Wars

23 Apr


Any organisation or movement which wants to curb full knowledge is dangerous. When that entity is an Opposition who wants to govern and use that power to rewrite history it is heinous and must never be permitted. Keeping people in the dark about the truth, about fullness, about understanding and moving forward from all that has gone before, is to enclose them in a bubble of fantasy which can only end in despair. Limiting knowledge and hiding history is what totalitarian regimes do. Look at North Korea. Is this the future you want to vote in either for yourself or for you children? Even if that statement leans toward the extreme, it does not compare with wanting to limit the history education in our schools. To once again wipe out the Indigenous peoples of a country, to deny harm was done to them, to sneer and claim any sympathetic interpretation of their experience, learned from their own mouths, is somehow a black armband view of history diminishes us all as an entire Nation.

To claim Australia only really started, became a nation or understands itself and sees its way forward from the deaths of soldiers on a far off beach, a defeat from a battle that should never have been ordered in the first place, is to claim false pride and promote ignorance. It is one of our stories, it is a day of shame for the British who ordered that landing on the Turkish Peninsula, on the beach now known as Anzac Cove; those men did us proud and we honour that with an annual national celebration but it is not our only story, nor is it our primary story. We are a rich culture, with many stories, old ones and new ones.Our stories enrich us all the more for their diversity, for their breadth and for what they can teach us about ourselves not just as Australians but as human beings.

We should never be afraid of any one of our stories. We should always be afraid of anyone person or group or power that wants to limit our stories and change the truths of all that has made us who we are. We are strengthened by what we face and tackle and overcome as much as we are by what we celebrate. Achievement is a powerful celebration. To try to disenfranchise the uglier aspects of our history is akin to having sparklers at a bonfire and no fireworks when we do celebrate who we are and who we are still becoming.

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The Culture Wars

The legal saga against One Nation, and legal possibilities against Abbott

18 Apr

This is an incisive investigative online journal, well worth following.

Australians For Honest Politics


Margo Kingston: For people interested in the details of the One Nation court saga, the Queensland Crime and Misconduct Commission published a report in 2004. Here we publish its findings on Abbott’s involvement, then my 2003 Webdiary piece  on the possibilities for legal action by Hanson and Ettridge and an explanation of champerty and maintenance.

CMC Report into the prosecution of Mr Ettridge and Ms Hanson

Source: CMC Report
First publisheed January 2004

Turning to Mr Abbott’s involvement, the Commission wrote to Mr Abbott and asked for
a submission. Having initially informed us that his part in the Hanson litigation was on
the public record, Mr Abbott replied by a letter dated 25 November 2003, which
attached published material relating to his connection with the matter. The
Commission has proceeded on the assumption that the material, in so far it attributes
statements or actions to Mr Abbott, is believed by him…

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Why Tony Abbott should never be PM.

17 Apr

For thoughtful, researched information on the players involved in becoming the next Australian Government, check out Australians for Honest Politics

Australians For Honest Politics

By Margo Kingston
Source: Independent Australia
January 3rd , 2013

Still Not Happy, John!

AFTER THE PUBLICATION of my book Not Happy, John! in 2004, former Liberal Party staffer Christian Kerr, then political correspondent for Crikey, told me the ʻAustralians for Honest Politicsʼ chapter was dynamite, ʻthe most importantʼ in the book.

“But it wonʼt get followed up,” I asked him, “will it?”

“No,” he replied.

Christian did his best in ʻTony Abbott’s unholy dealings with the AEC’ — but Abbott is something of a protected species in Australian politics. When push comes to shove, press gallery heavies circle the wagons around Tony and our supposed electoral watchdogs file him away in the bottom drawer.

As recently as December 17 last year, The Monthly aptly described ʻa scandalous lack of curiosityʼ in the media about the Ashby scandal — just the latest attempt by Liberal Party players to use the courts to destroy their…

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