Abbott Batting on a Deteriorating Pitch

30 Apr

As always, John Lord strikes a chord and it needs to resonate as widely as possible. I ask people to inform themselves fully, to really question and learn then discern, weigh up and choose the next government based on thoughtful consideration not merely partisanship. When you vote, it should not just be a self-motivated act, it should be a responsible citizen act. Your vote should reflect what you want for the Country, for society as a whole; not for what you want in your own pocket at the expense of others. It’s reasonable to consider your own situation, but not enough to base your vote on that alone. Governments must govern for an entire society and sometimes that can mean not always getting exactly what we want individually. What benefits society, however, always benefits us individually as well.

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cricket three

To use cricketing parlance cracks are beginning to show in the pitch. The pitch that is that Tony Abbott is making to the Australian public. In fact, some of the cracks might indicate a turning wicket. For some time I have been suggesting that, the Prime Ministers policy agenda has been to out policy Abbott by taking the running on all the big agenda items. With the NBN, Gonski and the NDIS she have left him with little chance of making a big score. I cannot see him producing a policy to rival the importance of these. In fact, the current state of play would suggest a possible run out toward the end of the campaign.

The current state of play indicates a subtle but significant shift in how the game is being played. The Prime Minister is on the front foot firmly behind the ball playing a straight bat…

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