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Gina Rinehart, Tony Abbott and the $700,000 plan to bring down Tony Windsor

28 May

This is of great concern. It is impossible to imagine that the current cohort of the Liberal National alliance with the largest and richest will not affect the way they govern. We are still a free democratic country. Government is for the people by the people NOT for big business by the back door. Let’s not go the way of the Americans.

A Clarification – not a backdown!

17 May

Ah, yes, they ‘get’ women all right.

The Australian Independent Media Network

“Earlier this week, a Labor backbencher, Michelle Rowland, was denied a ‘pair’ in spite of having a sick child. We have in the studio, Mr War-on Inch explaining this decision. Good afternoon, Mr Inch”

“Good afternoon, I’d just like to point out that we have since given her the pair and now Ms Rowland is home where she should have been all along.”

“This is being used by the Labor Party to suggest that you’re out of touch when it comes to the needs of the working mother.”

“That’s just typical. Tony Abbott is introducing the Parental Leave scheme to enable mothers to stay at home. And he has a wife and daughters, not to mention the fact that his mother was a woman. He certainly understands women far better than the PM.”

“So why didn’t you give her the pair earlier?”

“We didn’t know that her child was sick.”

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Sorry, @mirandadevine: @catharinelumby reflects on Twitter ethics

14 May

I disagree with Miranda Devine on almost everything, but I agree with Catherine Lumby that flinging sexual slurs at her, or anyone you disagree with, is just plain wrong. Social media, too often, uses the means of playing the person not the ball and that is cheap, nasty and very often bullying. Just because we can respond quickly doesn’t mean we should do so carelessly, without thought or just common old good manners. We are meant to be civilised, after all. Surely that also means civil.

Australians For Honest Politics


By Catharine Lumby 

May 11, 2013

A couple of nights ago I rang the News Limited columnist Miranda Devine. I had gone to some lengths to obtain her mobile number. I needed to apologise to her in person for retweeting a tweet by Mike Carlton that I did not read carefully enough before flipping it on to the Twittersphere.

Carlton’s original tweet read: “@mirandadevine is ‘embedded’ with the Police Riot Squad, as she puts it. What, all of them at once? Must be exhausting”. What caught my eye at first glance was the notion that the Australian police had adopted the practice, familiar from the invasion of Iraq, of ‘embedding’ journalists. I retweeted it  and less than a minute later, I read my retweet and realised that Carlton’s original tweet included a very offensive sexual subtext that I missed when I first read it. I immediately retracted my retweet and…

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How come readers of the Fifth Estate can see what our journalists can’t?

13 May

A generous headline accompanies this article by Michael Taylor. Perhaps part of the problem, as well as those commented on, is the basic one of survival, ie wanting to be the next cab off the rank not the next cab blocked from the rank altogether. Some journos are complicit, but I don’t believe all are either intentionally or by first choice. However, seeing their choices as limited, they are actually reducing their options, and ours, significantly.

The Australian Independent Media Network


Apart from momentarily shouting that it will make Australia a better place, ie, acting as Tony Abbott’s mouthpiece, the mainstream media hasn’t said boo about Abbott’s Industrial Relations policy, unveiled a few days ago. I’ve been waiting. No doubt they are aware that in truth it will hurt the pocket and the work/life balance of most working Australians and they think it’s best to keep that a secret to themselves. Either that, or they see nothing negative about the policy.

If you want to know if the policy is being dissected and discussed then you can’t rely on the old media (the mainstream media – MSM). You need to turn to the new media – the Fifth Estate. I did such a thing today and it was refreshing to see the opinions of people who really matter: workers, not journalists. Following is a sample of what I found:


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Fight for freedom like IPA: Brandis to Human Rights Commission

10 May

It’s not difficult to see the hidden agenda behind what Brandis proposes; especially when compared to his past comments. The LNP have much to say about discrimination but none of it is for ensuring there is none. Their main focus is always on the freedom of speech area, a worthy area for all in a free democratic society, but it does so with a seeming intent on silencing only those who disagree with them and giving open slather to others, especially those who talk against race, gender, policy etc. For Brandis to use the IPA as an example is demonstrative of how troubling his, and his supporters views are, since the IPA is not only a lobby group with no transparency into who finances it but an extreme right wing group. They, nor Brandis, nor the current LNP are what I would consider upholders of freedom of speech for all. To counter the worst uses of free speech, there are and should be laws, such as that under which Bolt was prosecuted and found guilty. There need to be strong shield laws for journalists, strong protections for whistle blowers, and strong defamation and libel laws. There also needs to be an assurance of full debate in the press and media generally without the often ‘faux’ outrage that accompanies alternate views.
It is high time that Australia had a full human rights law that included freedom of speech with minimal exceptions other than human rights protections, as mentioned above.

Australians For Honest Politics


By Greg Barns
February 22. 2013

Expect to see political interference in the work of the Human Rights Commission – the national guardian of our human rights – under an Abbott Government.

Likely Attorney-General Senator George Brandis this week hinted at what might be in store in an interview with The Australian. He said the HRC was not doing its job  ‘unless it spends as much time promoting freedom and libertarian rights generally as it does promoting equality or egalitarian rights’ (Brandis eyes speech, press rights – Oz paywall).

Naturally he cuddled up to mainstream media organisations, declaring that  at ‘a time when, in Australia in the past 18 months, we have been having a very vigorous public discussion of freedom of speech and freedom of the press, the HRC has done virtually nothing to promote the rights recognised in article 19 of the ICCPR, that is, freedom of speech…

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Keep your hands off the poor, Mr Hockey

8 May

The LNP believe in ‘small government’ which, to them, means few public servants, fewer taxes for the wealthy and little to none welfare for those most in need. This is not the fair, equitable modern society that sees a country prosper. It is a stratified, inequitable society that sees individuals and the largest companies prosper. Beware what you vote for and think hard, work hard to inform yourselves before 14th September.

The Australian Independent Media Network


In a speech to the Institute of Public Affairs yesterday, Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey warned that a Coalition government would implement drastic welfare cuts, finger-pointed that “attacking spending and looking for structural saves was increasingly urgent”. With a deficit of anything up to $15 billion likely this year, and federal revenue forecast to be between $60 billion to $80 billion lower than expected in the next four years, Hockey needs someone whose hide he can take it out of.

Hit the poor. The IPA would have loved that. It’s the Liberal meme they’ve been hearing for years.

The LNP have it in their veins. To attack those on welfare because a few deficits are forecast is not a new policy issue, and the deficits are a fairly shallow excuse. Deficits are irrelevant. Attacking the poor is something that the LNP just likes to do.

Let’s look at a few interesting…

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The MSM’s NDIS: Make the frame, change the frame, WTFs the frame?

6 May

[object Window]

via The MSM’s NDIS: Make the frame, change the frame, WTFs the frame?.

Just one example of how right wing biased the Australian mainstream media is currently.


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