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Man On The Moon – The rise of independent media

31 Jul

The only real risk with independent media is that you read and follow only what agrees with your point of view. However, reading/watching mainstream media, these days, is exactly the same and most of it has only one point of view anyway.


If there is one thing that we should all be protecting and supporting in this country it is our independent media.

It is our independent media that looks at issues without having to worry themselves about the interests and opinions of those who advertise with us. Most of us only make a small amount of money out of our writing at any rate, but I can assure you if you worked it out per hour it would make Gina Rinehart drool, as it would be measured in cents not dollars. Most of us do it out of a passion to see the truth exposed, or are just sick of the main stream media pushing their own agenda and opinion.

The mainstream media are supposed to be factual non-biased reporting, and the opinions of their writers are supposed to be restricted to opinion pages. This means when the average person reads…

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Rape Threats: It’s A Free Speech Issue

31 Jul

The number, the viciousness and the momentum of such threats to women who express anything to do with equality is nauseating. Social media has been seen and used by too many to group attack as sport. At it’s most benign it is immature; but it is not benign. It is criminal, disgusting and offensive to anyone with an ounce of ethical fibre. We, men and woman, all society, must stand together to barricade against such abuse.


Content note: this piece refers to misogynistic threats of violence

Recently the media has been full of stories about women in the public eye being subjected to sexist abuse online.  I’ve written in the past about the way women are singled out for vitriol which men simply do not have to face, and the tendency for the attacks to focus on their bodies rather than their ideas.  Just this week, Caroline Criado-Perez has spoken out about the way she was the target of a spate of hateful messages in the aftermath of her campaign to convince the Bank of England to keep a woman amongst the national luminaries pictured on banknotes.  Over the last year the academic Mary Beard, the critic Anita Sarkeezian and the journalist Helen Lewis have all faced appalling victimization simply for having opinions whilst being a woman.  And these are simply the most famous…

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Let’s All Rape Her

30 Jul

Yes, exactly. Inside every misogynist bully is a frightened little boy afraid to face the world on equal terms. To be both pitied and reviled.

You've Got Male

This here is from Caitlin, author of, a blog you should definitely check out.

These tweets she received are awful. Women, if you get things like this, the one thing I can say about it that’s positive is that you’re doing feminism right in some way if men who would write this kind of thing attack you. You’re pissing them off because you’re good at what you do.


Thank you for your contribution, Caitlin.

If you, too, have received threats like this or anything else you’d like to submit, here‘s how to submit via e-mail. You can also use the hashtag #youvegotmale on Twitter.


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A letter to Tony Abbott: “Not everybody dies at sea”

30 Jul

Anything and everything is fair game to Tony Abbott’s ambition to be PM

The Australian Independent Media Network

Dear Mr Abbott,

Unless you have no respect for human life, especially for those who attempt to escape from their miserable existence to take ‘illegal’ refuge in this country, you should be saddened by the deaths that occur in our northern waters of those very people who seek a better life in our free land. But apparently you aren’t:

One well-placed Liberal source told The Australian that Abbott would rather see Labor continue to bleed politically with ongoing boat arrivals. If that means deaths at sea continue, he said, so be it.

Doesn’t that haunt you?

It is disgraceful that your hence blame the Government for these deaths. It is gutter politics. Crocodile tears are shed for ‘illegal immigrants’ who die in rickety boats, while knowing full well that it is favourable to your political fortunes to have them drown at sea.  And why is it favourable?  Because your…

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It’s easy to get the impression that Andrew Bolt might just be a bit hypocritical

10 Jul

It has been interesting to watch the rallying round of Abbott by his cronies as he ducks and weaves transparency. There was nothing aggressive about Bridie Jabour. She was doing what is expected of all journalists. Always, in politics, one side wants all the scrutiny on the other, but there has never been a time like these where any bit of dirt tossed by the right is taken as automatically legit and the recipient hounded, or prosecuted, whilst the right not only get a press pass but assume the moral high ground when one or two journos dare ask a pertinent question. These are not only interesting times, but dire ones indeed.

The Australian Independent Media Network


Against my better judgement I’m occasionally intrigued to take (what I intend) to be a cursory glance at what Andrew Bolt’s writing about and soon find myself – trance like – mired in a world devoid of any reality. I found myself in such a state with today’s piece, How Tony Abbott was framed by an activist journalist who should calm down. The article begins:

You cannot get a better example of media bias and malice – the gotcha journalism of the Left.

Bolt was referring to the interview where Tony Abbott told Guardian Australia journalist Bridie Jabour  to calm down after she asked a few probing questions about the $9,000 travel expenses he was forced to pay back. Here is the interview:

These are questions that all journalists should be asking, but not in Bolt’s world. Such questions should not be asked, so it was time for him…

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PM Gillard is gone, PM Rudd is here, what now? let’s stop President Abbott

4 Jul

I have found this past week difficult but some things remain clear: Primarily, Abbott must not become PM, he is unsuitable on so many grounds. I am furious at Kevin Rudd for not just what he has done but the smarmy way he went about it. However, as I’ve told very many people since Gillard became PM, Australia DOES NOT VOTE IN A PRIME MINISTER BUT A GOVERNMENT. Currently, the Australian Government is Labor. Therefore, I have decided I will continue to support Labor because it is the only Party which consistently improves the lot of all Australians not just the monied, affiliated to the big end of town, the elite educated or the status quo of the white, middle-aged male. As a feminist, I am well aware of the fact that the forward momentum of equality for women, owes most if not all that has been achieved to Labor Governments. As a humanist, I acknowledge that, not without errors and wrong decisions at various times on various issues, the progression of equity and civil responsibility to all has also mostly been achieved via Labor Governments. I hold out no hope of anything but retraction and austerity toward the majority in favour of the minority who already have resources, ownership and opportunity – including health, higher education and financial security if the current LNP as led by Tony Abbott wins Government. In my 60s, I can honestly say I have never feared more for Australia and Australians that I do when I contemplate the current LNP in government or Abbott as PM. Vote 1 Labor
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