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Hockey To Lift Debt Ceiling by 33%, and the Hypocrisy Level to an All-time High.

19 Oct

So, who is it spending like drunken sailors, as the then opposition loved to parrot like drunken pirates about the then government?

The Australian Independent Media Network

If you search really hard, you’ll find some reporting of this:

“The Federal Government’s debt ceiling could be raised to $400 billion in a bid to head off the financial tremors facing the US.

Treasurer Joe Hockey has used a speech in the US to signal the debt ceiling – currently $300 billion – would be increased to take account of the Government’s required borrowings.

Mr Hockey will have to increase Australia’s debt ceiling by Christmas. Total debt is expected to peak at $370 billion by April 2016.

Mr Hockey said yesterday the ceiling was likely to be well above the bare minimum required.

“We believe the debt limit needs to be set at a level that provides sufficient headroom to accommodate likely events but also to provide discipline to budgetary management,” he said.

“It must be the case that debt limits should only be altered when unexpected significant events…

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I Am Very Angry

16 Oct

Clever and very very funny despite the understandable anger.

Ærchies Archive - Digital Detritus

Ok, so Labor lost the election.

The pundits are claiming it was a mandate for Tony Abbott to freely enact all his Democratic Labor Party, Catholic and “let’s reward our big business contributors” thought bubbles.

Before moving onto the spluttering anger I feel today, let me make a couple of small points.

Firstly, if Tony has a mandate why does he need votes from the Labor Party to undo some of Labor’s achievements?

Secondly, Tony clearly said he would not form a Government with the assistance of minor parties. So the first thing he has done is to form a government with the assistance of the National Party and the Queensland Liberal-National Party. That makes Tony a LIAR.

Back to my anger.

Since the election I have tried not to involve myself in the political debate. The Libs won, Australia lost and we will have to live with the consequences…

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The Melbourne Connection

13 Oct

These are not natural security or defence issues, they must be completely transparent. ‘As directed’ is not a good enough reason to claim for a commcar or other travel expense.

Frances Jones


Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s Comcar records on 21/04/12 show that from 17.57pm til 19.12pm he was driven from Melbourne domestic airport “as directed” to an undisclosed location. From 23.36pm til 23.51pm, he was driven from an undisclosed Toorak address to Melbourne City. It was nearly midnight.

What was Tony Abbott doing in Melbourne that night? Who lives in Toorak? Kroger? Hugh Morgan?

From 12.25pm til 17.55pm the next day 22/04/12 he was driven from Sydney domestic airport “as directed.” That’s five and a half hours.

In Melbourne on 21/04/12, Abbott’s Travelling Allowance as “Office Holder – Official Business,” included one night’s accommodation for $424. He had spent the previous night in Hervey Bay for $349. On 21/04/12 he competed in the Hervey Bay Surf Lifesaving Pier to Pub Swim, at a cost to taxpayers of $2023 in flights.

On 21/04/12 he flew from Hervey Bay…

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Tony Abbott’s Taste for Chartered Flights

13 Oct

If ever a system needed oversight and independence, this is it.

Frances Jones

Stop the Rorts

It was a wedding which triggered an avalanche of questionable expense claims being investigated, from a country music festival to various sporting pursuits in marginal seats. Which is cheaper for taxpayers – Tony Abbott’s “charity rides” or his chartered flights? Abbott and co have been projecting across parliament for years about corruption and waste of taxpayers money. This list of Parliamentarians’ Entitlements has been sitting online for years, yet it is only now that people are discovering it at It appears that Tony Abbott has a taste for chartered planes. Here is a small selection: Sydney to Hervey Bay 9 Jun 10 Hervey Bay to Mackay 10 Jun 10 $18,660 p8 Sydney to Melbourne 18 Jun 10 $9,968 Brisbane to Sydney 8 Jul 10 $10,300 Cairns to Normanton 9 Nov 10 Normanton to Brisbane 10 Nov 10 $32,545.00 p30 Sydney to St George 1 Sep…

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What beat up?

10 Oct

The Australian Independent Media Network

Andrew Bolt is not happy.

Not only is social media attacking his pin-up boy, the newly elected Prime Minister (over a dozen justifiable issues) but there is now, in Andrew’s words:

. . . this beat up over Abbott’s expenses . . .

Andrew has mellowed. He never used to tolerate misuse of taxpayer’s money. Last year he asked Peter Slipper to justify the reason why he had billed the poor tax-payers for cab fares amounting to a few cents over $80. He aired this request publicly, devoting a whole article:

In February, I asked Peter Slipper to explain these taxi fares he charged to taxpayers.


And he also asked:

. . . where was Finance Minister Penny Wong in this, with so many people raising concerns over this spending of our money? What happened to the investigation by Special Minister of State Gary Gray? Who was minding…

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So, where’s my apology, Prime Minister?

9 Oct

It’s a very bad scenario when the first trip overseas, a new PM has to apologise to our neighbours first up.

The Australian Independent Media Network


Hon. Prime Minister,

Whilst you’re busy being apologetic to all and sundry over the role your Coalition played in damaging relationships with multiple international neighbours, and given that you’ve couched the offers of contrition in terms of that very behaviour:

“I offered an act of contrition, if you like, to Prime Minister Najib for the way Malaysia got caught up in what was a very intense and at times somewhat rancorous debate in Australia. He knows we play our politics pretty hard in our country. ”

“… imagine taking boat people from Australia to Malaysia where they will be exposed almost inevitably to the prospect of caning …”

I’m compelled to ask, “Where’s my apology”?  Quite seriously, Sir, where is it?  Is it still being drafted perhaps?  One hopes so.

It is clear that you believe the dynamics that have been created by your own behaviour have been deleterious to our…

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Brandis, Barnaby and co: Travel Rorts 2.0?

7 Oct

This is not petty as Reith is trying to make out. It is an issue that is coming to a head and it needs to. Whatever persuasion of politics one aligns to, rorting the taxpayer is reprehensible and the rules must be tightened and allowances exposed to the taxpayer on a regular basis.


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