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Fall Of The Whirling Dervish

19 Nov

Abbott is balancing on a tightrope of his own making and, let’s face it, he does not exactly have the most delicate balance. The real problem for Australia is, that when he falls, and fall he will, he takes us over the edge with him. Sadly, my fear of him becoming PM – that’s fear for Australia, not of him – is playing out like an horrific traffic accident in slow motion.


Three months is all it took.

Three months and the mistaken belief that a series of snarky heckling points in QT, borne of hubris and post-election triumphalism, would be seen merely as “robust Australian politics” by the Indonesians.

When I think of the column-miles of bullshit written about how Abbott was a natural at diplomacy (much better than the professionals), had “repaired” the relationship in one afternoon meeting with SBY and had come back to Australia with a Foreign Affairs miracle under his arm… and then contrast all that with where we are today… it really does make you want to sob with frustration.

Alexander Downer saw yesterday’s developments for what they were – a looming disaster, if not an actual one – but he, too, put in his two bob’s worth a few weeks ago on The Drum, by subscribing to the Rad Hadley/2GB view of relations between the…

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Why Joe Hockey should not have sacked me.

17 Nov

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Oz govt secrecy starts to stink

6 Nov

Silence by government reeks of totalitarian regimes and cannot be tolerated. It is past time the mainstream media did their bloody job and henpeck the ministers if that is what it takes to garner facts and information. It is hardly a free democracy if neither government nor media are open and informative. This government represents us, not themselves; and the media has a purpose otherwise, why is it?


Comment and opinion

By Barry Tucker                    6 November, 2013

Just over two weeks ago I wrote in The Sniper’s blog about the “Rise and rise of secrecy“.

“The Australian Liberal-National Party coalition government elected with a large majority on 7 September, 2013, is exhibiting an unpleasant and unwelcome tendency towards secrecy.”

The MSM, on-line magazines and bloggers are taking up the cudgel.

“The Rise and rise of secrecy” contained several current links and updates. It is now time to migrate the story to Truth in News Media.

By far the best summary of what is happening appears in today’s on-line magazine Independent Australia. That round-up, by Clint Howitt, presents a staggering picture of government arrogance and indifference, under the title Abbott’s Secret State.

In an article in Fairfax Media’s The Canberra Times, veteran press gallery journalist Laurie Oakes…

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Vote Compass, The Incredible Election Result and How to Beat Abbott

5 Nov

It is astonishing that, when so few like Abbott or think him credible, nor like his policies, that he was voted into government. It proves the success of the simplicity of his oppositional campaign, which lasted five years, the last three especially intense and vitriolic, and fed into the basest of fears and created doubt. Apart from the rusted on, who will always and only vote LNP, Australians are quickly coming to realise things are not as they seem or were promised. There is still fear and doubt, but without it being dissipated by a ‘competent’ government, it will quickly be transferred to where it belongs, this current government which has come to power in what might become the most infamous win in Australian political history.

The Australian Independent Media Network

Some people keep asking how Tony Abbott won the election. When they’re told that not everyone thinks like they do, they’ll sneer that some people don’t think at all. And they’re possibly right, but not in the way they expect.

Let’s start with the ABC Vote Compass, which according to the website:

“Vote Compass is an educational tool developed by a non-profit group of political scientists and hosted by the ABC. Answer a short series of questions to discover how you fit in the Australian political landscape.”

So, for those of you who didn’t try it, people were asked to do a survey on how they felt about individual issues and then they were told which party was most closely aligned to their world view.

It’s only when one stops and considers this, that it becomes either frightening or obvious. Or both. So, in spite of the fact that the…

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Liberal leader lies about Labor’s CT plans

5 Nov

Spinning so hard I can smell the rubber burning.

The Sniper

By Barry Tucker

In his latest email newsletter, released at 5.20 pm, 1 November, 2013, federal Liberal director Brian Loughnane lies about Labor’s intentions regarding the future of its Carbon Tax (carbon price).

Labor leader Bill Shorten has said Labor will oppose the federal Liberal government’s campaign promise to abolish the tax unless it is replaced by an emissions trading scheme. Loughnane claims this means Labor wants to retain and REINTRODUCE the tax if it regains government.

Liberal Coalition leader Tony Abbott held various positions on carbon tax and trading schemes in Opposition before choosing it as a vehicle to destabilise and topple the former Labor government, with the assistance of all news media, except for some individual journalists.

Loughnane’s newsletters do not appear on the Liberal party website. I have reproduced this one in full, in defiance of its copyright notice, in the interest of properly informing the…

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Years of Living Dangerously

2 Nov

Years of Living Dangerously

A docu-series directed by James Cameron and starring famous people as correspondents examining the impacts of anthropomorphic climate change. This is definitely a docu-series to watch out for and learn from.

Politics – The Week That Was

1 Nov

As far as I’m concerned, John Lord could have kept writing. There is much to say and much that needs to be said – often and loudly.

The Australian Independent Media Network

parl house

The reality of political conservatism is now well and truly with us. A three year journey of rule by an ideology that believes in privilege over altruistic necessity has begun. It must be said however, that the conservatives won the election and are perfectly entitled to govern.

Tony Abbott once said that ‘’oppositions oppose”. A statement I found to be intellectually barren. Oppositions also have a responsibility to the people and the common good and should act in a bi partisan manner when necessary. They should also hold the government to account for its actions and policies in the stoutest way possible.

Writers of the left (particularly bloggers) also have similar responsibilities. I have wondered since the election what I will write about for the next three years. I have concluded that it is also my duty to hold the government to account. To see to it that the Government…

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