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Morrison the Evangelical Jailer

30 Dec

Morrison the Evangelical Jailer

Scott Morrison is an evangelical. The church he worships at is closely aligned to Hill Song. That is his business. However, he brings his evangelical zeal to the way he carries out his treatment of asylum seekers. This is our business. And it is completely unacceptable.

It is past time Australians of all political persuasions, religions, ethnicity or age bracket accepted this concentration camp style of treating asylum seekers. Whether they are genuine refugees or not, it is a reflection of us not them when we punish them, treat them inhumanely and don’t test their claims fully.

This is not the Australia I’ve spent more than 60 years helping build, nor the social attitude of the people I’ve known Australians to be. It is abrogation of responsibility, of humanity, to just ignore, accept or self-doubt what the government is doing. Everything they do, they do in our name. They represent us, they work for us, they are us.

If non-refugees, or criminals are found among the asylum seekers, they can be dealt with by sending them home. However, 90%+ are found to be genuine refugees yet we treat them first as criminals and as less than human, even the children. This is not only appalling, it is on all our hands if we allow it. We are paying for this mistreatment in dollars, but we are paying an even bigger price in who we are as a people and the legacy we leave our children.

The time has more than come for Australians to stand up and act with courage by telling the government that this is unacceptable and must stop.

If you believe it is done to stop people drowning at sea, it is not. For that to be true, the government would spend money, far less than we spend now on gulags, to ensure better quicker processing offshore and with safe travel assistance. They do not. Actions speak louder than words, however, the words are unsaid, the questions are unanswered, the facts uncorrected.

This alone, the silence, the secrecy, is totally unacceptable in a free and open democracy. Regardless of what any politician says, we are not at war with these people. They do not arrive in armed vessels carrying weapons, intention or plans to overthrow us. They come pleading for help.

For help.

We even take their medication off them and make them wait weeks or more before returning it, if at all. Then we make them stand in the sun for hours, often several times a day, to line up for a dose.

There is not a redeeming feature about our current treatment of asylum seekers. Our actions, and they are our actions because they are done in our name with our tax dollars, are despicable no matter how you look at it. To not stand up and say NO to this cruelty is to condone it. To condone it is equal to perpetrating it as it would be for you to kick a dog that has just been run over. Or to punish a child for getting sick. You might rail against this notion, but deep down, you know it is true.

Please, for the sake of your own humanity if not theirs, write directly to Scott Morrison, snail mail as email is too easily ignored but post is always opened and read, to tell him to stop what he is doing right now, to find humane solutions and to be fully open and accountable. And insist he does so. It is the responsibility of all Australians to do so, to end this shocking and extreme inhumanity now.

Trash- Craig Thomson’s week in court

7 Dec

This case has been made uber-political unfortunately.


On Wednesday we saw the mainstream media embrace the tactics of the prosecution in the criminal trial of Craig Thomson and seek to further trash Thomson’s name and reputation.

In what is often described as “Trash” or “Gutter Journalism” we saw pictures of prostitutes and brothel interiors and ridiculous tales of alias names and prostitutes with fake names.

What did any of this prove? Nothing

What relevance did it have to the case? None

The charges that relate to allegations of brothels have been previously investigated in NSW by the fraud squad and found to be deficient of evidence and reliant on the word of shady witnesses at best. It was determined by NSW Police that there was no criminality in these matters, including fraud. Not only this but the charges have been dismissed by the court in Victoria this week and as yet the prosecution has still yet to…

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Temporary Protection Visas Don’t Work

7 Dec

Modern Australia is built on people arriving on boats, including the current PM. Abbott and Howard and Pyne, in particular, love to pontificate on wonderful modern Australia and its British heritage; but it would never be – apart from the rich resources in the ground – without the many migrants and refugees who chose to build their lives here. They build modern Australia, not a few white male politicians with a one shoe fits all approach. TPVs will lead to more incidents like SIEV X and risks radicalising young people who feel unwelcome and utterly disenfranchised. It also risks sending genuine refugees back to torture and/or death. When applied exclusively to those who arrive by boat but not those who arrive by air, it is doubly cruel. If you are more ‘middle class’ in your country of persecution, have paperwork and the ability to escape with papers in tact, then you are approved; but if you are poor, have no papers or cannot risk carrying your papers, you are further persecuted. This is not the Australia I want to leave to my children or my children’s children. We are selling ourselves and our forebears short if we continue down this path; and we build risk where none need be.

To read a first hand account, follow this link:

It Goes to the Character of the Man

6 Dec

Make sure you check out and follow the aimn site.

The Australian Independent Media Network

Tony Abbott Boxing.

Has Australia ever elected a Prime Minister so devoid of character? So lacking in the qualities of leadership? So deficient in empathy of social conscience? So ignorant of technology and science? So oblivious of the needs of women and same gender people? So out of touch with a modern pluralist society? And worst of all an unmitigated liar.

A Christian man who once had a calling to the Priesthood but now sees lying as a political truth. A Prime Minister who believes that truth is anything you persuade people to believe.

For the entirety of his time as Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott was proclaimed by the media (Murdoch in particular) as the most effective ever. I have never understood this. For three years his sole intention was to bring down a government. He lied continuously while at the same time creating shock and awe throughout the community. His negativity became…

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Out of sight, out of mind

6 Dec

The first thing the media needs to do though, is get over its ongoing obsession with Labor; which is possibly part of the reason Labor is staying as quiet as it is. Little to report so the baying hounds must turn elsewhere and that means the government. As it should be. That’s the media’s role.


Comment & Opinion

By Barry Tucker                    6 December, 2013

Amongst the blur of intelligence-gathering leaks, diplomatic scandals, Gonski manoeuvres, carbon price ultimatums and debt ceiling negotiations, the plight of asylum seekers slipped just a bit further from the Australian public’s consciousness this week.

So begins an article by Paula Matthewson, in today’s online magazine The Hoopla. It’s about the plight of asylum seekers, who the previous Labor government (after a flip-flop) and the present Liberal-National Party (LNP) government (by adopting and adapting Labor’s policy) are trying to keep out of sight, out of mind.

Matthewson is concerned with the inhumane aspects of Australian governments’ policies on the issue of asylum seekers and with the present government’s ludicrous policy of limiting news releases of arrivals to a Friday news briefing. Indonesian news media (and people smugglers) know as much if not…

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This House Is A Circus – Craig Thomson Trial Day 2

5 Dec

It wouldn’t even be so bad if the mainstream reported each day’s proceedings factually.


Those who were in Melbourne’s Magistrates Court yesterday for day two of the Craig Thomson trial might well have assumed that they had in fact entered the Twilight Zone.

To say that the prosecution’s case has been left in tatters would be an understatement as this entire process makes a mockery of our legal system.

Day three looms large and despite two days of one of the country’s most eagerly awaited trial already having passed the prosecution have yet to even make their opening address.

Despite prosecution not making an opening address or calling a single witness as yet, 79 of the charges against Thomson have already been dismissed by the Magistrate.

What you have likely read about in the mainstream is how the prosecution team have vowed to appeal this decision that was made based on jurisdictional issues. The charges were dismissed as they do not relate to the…

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