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Language of Exclusion

30 Mar

This is unacceptable on any grounds whatsoever. It cannot be seen as anything other than sexism for the sake of sexism. It is astonishing that, in the 21st century, boys ‘grow up’ to become politicians who even consider this a matter to be dealt with. In actual fact, when they do this, they are effectively declaring, ‘I am afraid of anything other than a patriarchy because I might not be able to maintain a sense of power without it.’ Makes me ask: Just why are some men so afraid of women?

One Voice In The Crowd

I was dismayed to read a blog by Kate Gallow referring to moves by the Queensland Government to revert to gender specific language within the Crime and Misconduct and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2014. Apart from structural legislative changes to the Crime & Misconduct Commission itself, it is the reverting to gender specific male language, which is also of concern.

Changes to language within the Bill includes:

Section 35 Amendment of s 224 (Qualifications for appointment as the chairperson)

(1) Section 224, heading, ‘as the chairperson’—

omit, insert

chairman and deputy chairman

(2) Section 224, ‘chairperson if’—

omit, insert

chairman or deputy chairman if

These changes are sexist in defining specific roles as those belonging to men with the exclusion of women. Over the past 30 years so much has been achieved to ensure that Queensland develops and maintains a gendered agenda. Ensuring women are equal within…

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Australia Will Keep Detaining Refugees Indefinitely, Whatever the World Thinks

10 Mar

I’m not convinced about the poll which claims 60% of Australians want harsher conditions. Undoubtedly, the number is high, too high, shamefully high, but one poll, oft quoted, is not representative. Regardless, this is done to the shame of all Australians and must stop. This is not about stopping drownings, but about winning votes via engendering hate and other. Propaganda, without official transparency and without genuine mainstream media scrutiny, is just propaganda and has no place in a modern democracy nor execution by a supposedly fair-minded country.

Kevin Price on Gina Rinehart

10 Mar

Gina Rinehart has a particular view on welfare and entitlement. She is outspoken and influential with close friendships with people in government but, even with the most generous of views, it is not possible to see this multi-billionaire, who got her start via multi-millions in inheritance – which was built on generous government handouts to her father, Lang Hancock – is anything but a hypocrite, and a woman of jealous and selfish nature with an absolute ignorance of the ‘ordinary man and woman’ who make up the Australian population.

I recommend this article by Kevin Price.

An Open Letter to the Prime Minister and the Minister for Women

9 Mar

Much of what is genuine discrimination, as well drawn in this article, are considered as societal normatives and not viewed as discrimination by the very people to whom this letter is addressed. Tony Abbott, as Minister for Women, now identifies as a ‘feminist’ without any understanding of what that actually means, believing his PPL scheme is proof enough despite wide debate and doubt about its efficacy or sustainability and with its obvious flaws in equity. Michaelia Cash, the Assistant Minister for Women, does not identify as a feminist because she believes in woman AND men, thereby demonstrating her ignorance of what feminism is. As a wider example of the government generally, the Minister for Finance, Matthius Cormann, considers the subject of more women representatives in parliament as a side issue. These are not even open minded people in government, but people with defined views broadly at odds with a large proportion of the population they presume to speak for. I believe, cannot believe anything else based on the evidence, that both the Minister and Assistant Minister for Women’s commitment is to entrench the status quo either where it is now or where it once was before so much was gained. In the end, it is not up to these two individuals, nor to the current Coalition Government, it is up to us the people of Australia to change the system to ensure the equality of all society advances not regresses.

The Red Window

I am concerned that as the Prime Minister and the Minister for Women, your narrative suggests a very poor understanding of women’s issues in Australia……..This is a letter I have sent to the Prime Minister and the Minister for Women today.  I have published this as an open letter as I would appreciate feedback and discussion on these points. Many things have occurred in Government since this statement was made, but I haven’t forgotten the Prime Minister and the Minister for Women’s comments on 3AW in September and I am posting this to bring this back into the minds of people who care for and fight for equality for women. I will update you with a response, if I receive one.

Update: International Women’s Day 8th March 2014.  I sent this via land mail to PM & Minister for Women, Tony Abbott, cc copies to Senator Moore and Senator Cash…

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WARNING TO WA VOTERS: LNP’s return address envelope for postal vote application is NOT addressed to the AEC

6 Mar

This is never a good idea and should never be allowed. All votes should/must go to the AEC only, with security, until counted and checked. Never, never in a democratic system, should votes go directly, via post or any other way, directly to any party. This must be dealt with before the WA Senate re-vote; and it must apply to all elections across Australia from herein. This is outrageous, undemocratic and extraordinarily dangerous.

That Owl


Western Australia is set to return to the ballot-box after their Senate election was deemed void. The usual slew of party letters has been noted by WA locals, but what has confused some is why exactly the LNP opted to have their own address on the return envelope for postal vote registration, rather than the independent body – the AEC.

The Facebook page, Tony Abbott’s Lies and other Liberal Promises was provided with scanned images of what had been sent to WA residents from the LNP and has kindly passed them on. What was of concern was that the return address envelopes are addressed to the LNP, not the AEC.


The actual AEC address is enclosed inside the leaflet, meaning it is more likely that people would simply use the return envelope.

While this is completely legal, and has probably been practised by other parties, it is of concern that…

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