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Is Abbott a Christian or just a Catholic?

29 May

I, too, was raised Catholic. I always had questions and doubts. It was the hypocrisy that I could not come to terms with. The Catholic Church is a cult, a ghoulish one at that, and it’s minions are controlled by men who crave power and are highly political in their use and wielding of that power. It is misogynistic, greedy and authoritarian to the point of zealotry. Some say there is no such thing as an ex catholic, only a lapsed catholic. This is not so. Like many cult children, ex catholics are just as capable of recognising and fighting the brainwashing. It takes time and deliberation and at times is both frightening and painful. However, it can be achieved and never do eyes see so clearly. The agenda of this current government, led by Abbott, is intense in its zealotry and political ideology and it is constantly and irrevocably underscored by their catholicism. Their method of behaviour and governance, their attitude to opposition from any quarter, and their long term aims and goals are as far from democracy as the church itself. As for their christianity, Gandhi could have been talking solely about them: “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

The Australian Independent Media Network

photo 1The article on the AIMN by Sean Stinson, May 25th entitled, “CATHOLIC SCHOOLBOYS RULE” was so well presented, I thought it deserved a follow up article to further articulate its message. Twistie 1, who was one of several who joined in the discussion captured the mood best for me when he wrote, “I have little doubt that Abbott is a psychopath who is incapable of empathy. He uses religion as a facade against his inherent wickedness. He is not the first, and will undoubtedly not be the last, to do so.”

As one who endured the cruelty of Catholic Church teaching in the 1950/60s, it doesn’t surprise me that so many like me still carry the psychological baggage Catholic teaching generated about Hell and Purgatory. It wasn’t until my late forties that I began to see through the facade of Catholic teaching and its inherent evil. I think I…

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A wolf in sheep’s clothing

17 May

This just about sums it up.

The Australian Independent Media Network

WolfInSheepsClothing As the dust settles from Tuesday night’s wrecking ball budget, I have been thinking about how this happened. How is it possible that Australia was conned into voting for Abbott and his fellow Liberal and National psychopaths ? There’s a fairly obvious answer to this, and two clear culprits. First of all, Abbott and his LNP colleagues lied to the electorate about what their real plans for Australia were. And second, the mainstream media let the people of Australia down by refusing to pre-warn them about Abbott’s real plans.

Abbott knows as well as I do that the Liberals would never win an election if they were truthful with voters. So they lied. Lying has become natural to them, because without lies they have no chance of power. But let’s make something very clear right now. Anyone who didn’t see this budget coming, wasn’t looking. When I say they weren’t…

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The Coalition Plan for a Better Australia

8 May

Satire. Or is it?

The Australian Independent Media Network

Real solutions The first thing we need to do is get rid of the toxic carbon tax.  It is destroying the joint.  After all, emissions went up.  Ok, I know that greenhouse gas emissions from the electricity sector are down about 7.6 per cent since the carbon tax was introduced, or the equivalent of about 14.8 million tonnes, and that demand has dropped as businesses and individuals adopt energy efficiency methods, but emissions from coalmine expansion and new gas plants have been soaring.  And that’s what we want!  More coal and more gas to make our country better.

And as for renewable energy, competition like that is bad for the country.  It puts up prices.  I know normally one would consider competition a good thing but not in this case.  Have you seen those wind farms?  They are U.G.L.Y they ain’t got no alibi they ugly uh huh they ugly.  I know…

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The Abbott’s LNP Lexicon… WTF?

8 May

The simpler the better Tony can remember what to say when he’s not actually supposed to say anything.

Truth Seekers Musings

The Abbott’s LNP Lexicon… WTF?  Dunce2 With all the lies, that aren’t lies, backflips, that aren’t backflips, broken promises, that aren’t broken promises, I thought it might be time to lay out the Abbott’s LNP lexicon, so as to try to ease some of the confusion?   😯

Before we start, you should understand a few basics:

  • NO = No, unless it means yes… or maybe?
  • YES = Yes, unless it means no… or maybe?
  • MAYBE = No, but I can’t tell you that, so… Maybe?

Ok, now you have to remember that  everything that the Abbott says is tainted by these basics.   😉 We also have to take into account, the fact that Abbott has already admitted that unless it’s a carefully scripted, “written” statement, it isn’t necessarily to be believed…   😯

So now we understand Abbott’s basics   😉

Let’s take a look at a few…

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March in May

8 May

MarchinMay = the people having their say on the confining of our democracy to ideologues driven by the money market at the biggest end of town. This government is both held captive and also deliberately working towards their ideology. Australia is getting further, further, further from its democratic self. We are one of the envied countries for a social conscience, social responsibility, social contract. This government wants to rip that out and replace everything we’ve taken a country’s lifetime to build and replace it with a market economy. If you can’t pay for it, you don’t get it, even if ‘it’ will save your life. That’s not good enough anywhere. It is definitely not Australia. MarchinMay

The Australian Independent Media Network

March in May March in March saw tens of thousands of disenchanted voters take to the streets across Australia in protest against the Abbott Government. But it was just the beginning. After the marchers had dispersed, the anger at the government still simmered.

Now the people are marching again.

The AIMN has been contacted by the organisers to promote the next instalment: March in May.

This we are more than happy to do.

After March in March many in the mainstream media ridiculed it as nothing more than a rabble. It was just a group of lefties, they mused, coming along for the walk and waving a placard.

March in May will have a clear message (see list below). The media will know why people are marching. It would be foolhardy to ignore it.

Here is the promo The AIMN received:

Media Diary, Sydney Event Alert for May 18 2014

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7 May

A prime example, not given but recognised by all of us, is Gina Reinhart’s railing against the poor, who deserve less than they have, and apparently waste it anyway on drinking, smoking and gambling.

The ‘successful’ prefer the divide to be large and getting larger because it convinces them they are even more ‘successful’ than ever. It’s a form of delusion, and it’s the everyday person who pays for it.

The Australian Independent Media Network

1ADoes your success owe nothing to luck, or circumstance? Then you probably think the poor actually deserve to be poor. Peter Barnes examines the conservative mentality that underlies the coming budget.

One of the great things about Australia is that any child can grow up to be Prime Minister.

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The master of deception

7 May

So well put, there is little I can add, other than, be afraid, Australia. Get up of your complacency and do whatever you can to have this man, this attitude, and his complicit inner circle, democratically removed. Start by lobbying your federal representative, regardless of whether they are LNP or other. #MarchinMay to demonstrate your disapproval of the tactics taken. Discuss these matters with all and sundry. Write to editors. Blog, take to social media. This is about us. This is about Australia.

The Australian Independent Media Network

Image courtesy of Image courtesy of

I’m growing increasingly and unbearably exhausted by the track one reckless and irresponsible man is taking our country.

The man: Tony Abbott.

A man I would consider to be one of the most destructive and deceptive politicians in our history. I’ll make my case and you can make your own judgment.

Tony Abbott is dangerous and completely captured by corporate interests.

He’s a populist politician with no policy interest or conviction. A “weathervane” that does and says whatever he thinks he needs to to get power.

It’s not just me saying this. Ask those who have seen him up close.

John Hewson, Malcolm Fraser, Paul Keating. The list goes on. Their views on record.

I’ve spoken to people who went to university with him. The stories are true. He’s a complete and utter disgrace.

I’m not sure if he knows what he’s doing but…

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