Climate of the Nation 2014

30 Jun

Climate of the Nation 2014.


Australia is slamming out the backdoor and bolting to the dunny because this government is so drunk on its ideological view of advancing carbon pollution for short term $$ gain, that we are all being crapped, headfirst, into the thunder box.

Yes, I feel that strongly about it.


Climate of the Nation 2014  We are destined to be the top dinosaurs in the refuse of climate history. Unless we, the people, do something about it now, the Australian Abbott-led government will, quite literally, shaft us not only in terms of climate health, but in the economy as well, whilst at the same time claiming economic superiority and blaming everyone but themselves for their own decisions.

A democratic government is made up of people who are just like the rest of us, but who we the people have chosen to REPRESENT US. Do you truly believe that those on the Australian government benches are representing the width and breadth of Australia? They are not. They are representing an ideology and it is almost exclusively beholden to mining and the largest corporations.

Their style of implementation is one of authoritarian paternalism. They claim grown up, sensible, thoughtful, deliberate decisions. They don’t claim adult. They don’t claim mature. They don’t claim inclusive; nor informed; nor do they claim a focus on the changing century. They claim grown up, which is what children call it. And they claim deliberate.

It’s not hard to accept the word deliberate. It is very deliberate. They know what they are saying. They also know what they intend us to hear them saying. Their campaign, ongoing even this far out from the election, is very deliberate indeed. It has nothing to do with open democracy, nor the long term, nor is it representative.

It we do not want to be led into a deliberate steaming pile of dinosaur coprolite then we had better become both mature and deliberate sooner rather than later, and tell this government that they are to REPRESENT US, not both keep us in the dark and fed us lines that they are the grown ups so we must just trust them.

I don’t trust them. I don’t trust any government, even when it’s one I voted for – which I did not do for this one – 100%. To live in a free and open democracy, which we’ve prided ourselves on here in Australia, and which is delivered a world enviable lifestyle, means staying aware, staying informed, and most of all ensuring OUR REPRESENTATIVES actually REPRESENT US not just in lip service, not just in intent, but in outcome.

A government which chooses to ignore the people, to refuse to tell them the answers to even basic questions, one which sneers, dismisses, blames and openly lies, is not one which either represents the people or is democratic.

We might not get rid of this ‘bad government’, to use one of their favourite simplistic phrases, in the short term, but we can and must lobby OUR REPRESENTATIVES to ensure they actually REPRESENT US and let them know, if they don’t, they are the ones facing the drop into the smelly darkness of the steaming heap.

If we don’t, it’s history for the Australia we’ve all worked so hard to build for ALL AUSTRALIANS.



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