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If G4S is to blame for Manus violence, the government has blood on its hands

28 Feb

Comment is free If G4S is to blame for Manus violence, the government has blood on its hands

It’s up to every day Australians to demand better. Regardless of whether or not you think asylum seekers should be stopped or held in detention until processed, abuse and abandonment is hardly the ground for a proud and free democratic nation to stand on, or just step away from. If we are truly a mature(ing) nation, we must insist this is not done in our name nor allow it to happen to any person. We would react strongly if it happened to animals (and quite rightly). But, to do nothing when it is happening to people ostensibly, and mostly found to be, seeking help, it is not only complicit, it is anathema to a nation’s very heart. Australia abusing, or being complicit in abuse, is not a way to hold our head high to ourselves, let alone to the world. We are losing our way by choosing the dark path. Don’t look externally for the lit path, it lies within. It’s what gives and makes character, pride, and strength. Come on, Australia. Are you up to it?


Court gets tough on Manus rights case

27 Feb

Court gets tough on Manus rights case

The PNG National Court is prepared to do what the Australian Government has a responsibility to do but refuses. It’s an extremely dangerous time when the government keeps secrets even when such a dreadful incidence as what happened on Manus Island in an Australian detention centre results in over 70 injuries and one murder. This is being done in our name. And it’s being done in secret. Hard to not think gulag, concentration camps, torture chambers; all done to people who are found guilty of no crime, are given no hope, and if/when processed are found to be over 90% genuine in refugee status. This is not good enough, Australia. What are you going to do about it? To be ‘helpless’ is to be complicit.


Manus Island: An insider’s report

26 Feb

Manus Island: An insider’s report

Blogged by Tara Moss.

Temporary Protection Visas Don’t Work

7 Dec

Modern Australia is built on people arriving on boats, including the current PM. Abbott and Howard and Pyne, in particular, love to pontificate on wonderful modern Australia and its British heritage; but it would never be – apart from the rich resources in the ground – without the many migrants and refugees who chose to build their lives here. They build modern Australia, not a few white male politicians with a one shoe fits all approach. TPVs will lead to more incidents like SIEV X and risks radicalising young people who feel unwelcome and utterly disenfranchised. It also risks sending genuine refugees back to torture and/or death. When applied exclusively to those who arrive by boat but not those who arrive by air, it is doubly cruel. If you are more ‘middle class’ in your country of persecution, have paperwork and the ability to escape with papers in tact, then you are approved; but if you are poor, have no papers or cannot risk carrying your papers, you are further persecuted. This is not the Australia I want to leave to my children or my children’s children. We are selling ourselves and our forebears short if we continue down this path; and we build risk where none need be.

To read a first hand account, follow this link: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2013/dec/05/i-am-a-former-tpv-holder-here-is-why-they-do-not-work?CMP=twt_gu&commentpage=1

Welcome to The Kettle Press

25 Mar


There are few subjects off limits on this blog but the primary focus will be Australian politics and issues. Feedback is welcome although not all will be replied to. Any which are abusive or off topic in anyway will be deleted and The Kettle Press reserves the right to ban abusive users. If your opinion differs to that propounded by the Kettle Press it will not be deleted or banned. A civilised debate with widely varying opinion is welcome in feedback and conversations which remain such are also welcome. 


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